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US Navy or Department of Defense

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27 MAR 06

From: Michael Benedict, US Navy

To: Whom It May Concern


Ref: (a) Email between Mr. Benedict/Mr. Timen, 23 FEB 06.

1. As discussed in reference (a), I am forwarding this comment of recommendation concerning the training conducted by Albert Timen and associates. This endorsement is based on my personal observations while attending a two week surveillance training course in Houston TX and contract negotiations prior. This not an official endorsement by the US Navy or Department of Defense.

2. All training, interactions, meetings, and phone conversations, including contract negotiations were professionally handled. I felt that customer service and giving the desired end product to my unit were important objectives to Mr. Timen and all his representatives. Open communications, prior to and during the training evolutions, was outstanding and vital.

3. Mr. Timen worked as the instructor coordinator, personnel manager, and also as a key instructor during the course. His personal experiences in combating terrorism and conducting live surveillance operations in Israel proved invaluable. His staff provided customized instruction to meet our unit’s objectives and time constraints. Their flexibility in the difficult funds transfer process from the US Government was also noted.

4. He and his staff were anxious to provide the best service to my unit. He maintained strong communications through daily meetings with key unit decision makers to meet daily objectives. Professionalism in his interactions with me was the hallmark as well as timeliness of responses to our needs and requests. Their enthusiasm showed as they enjoyed conducting training and passing real experiences on to a new generation of special operations personnel.

5. I would be willing to utilize his services again without reservation. I believe he would apply himself fully toward any training objective in the anti-terrorism realm. His contacts and real-world experience were invaluable in the successful and high-paced training environment.

6. For any amplifying information, please feel free to contact me directly: ITCM Benedict, OPS, COMM 757-462-5561 or Cell 757-348-2485.


Michael Benedict


World's leading experts

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To whom it may concern,


Having worked in Israel with counter-intelligence and internal security, and the Country's top anti-terrorist and home security forces [YAMAM, SHABAQ, MOSAAD], I have been both inspired by, and deeply impressed with, the Efficiency of KAPAP, and honored to have been a contributing factor. Albert Timen is recognized as one of the world's leading experts in anti-Terrorist tactics and his KAPAP program are second to none. I highly recommend him.


Patrick McCarthy
Hanshi 8th dan
DIRECTOR - International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Research Society
Dip. Martial Arts Instruction ANTA
Certificate IV Workplace Assessment & Training


Tactical Weapons Course

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<p>KAPAP Academy,</p>

<p>                A few months ago I was tasked with setting up a tactical weapons course for my unit.  After looking at a few different companies I decided to inquire with KAPAP Academy, and I was very impressed.  The instructors were very patient, helpful, and professional when dealing with some of the problems we were faced with during the process of planning and executing this course.  We experienced many setbacks throughout this process and Peter Haug was always very patient and provided any and all information that we requested, even if it was something he had already sent in the past.  Albert Timen’s instruction in the field was outstanding.  Our particular mission is very unique and the Israeli Combat Point Shooting Method was a very fitting style for us.  My team and unit is made up of guys who are in great athletic and mental shape, and even at the level we were at, Albert was able to challenge each and every one of us in many different ways (both physical and mental), this had a huge positive effect on our student learning outcome. </p>

<p>                I have never had the confidence that I have now in my issued weapons.  Just the short time with KAPAP Academy has greatly increased the efficiency of my unit and team when dealing with weapons and tactics. </p>

<p> </p>

<p>Don’t Forget Da Tilt!</p>

<p> </p>




<p>CELL: 774-212-0618</p>

<p>OFFFICE: 509-247-8527</p>

<p>DSN: 312-657-8527</p>

<p>SIPR: <a href="mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "><span style="color: #3366ff;"><strong> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. </strong></span></a></p>


Spartacus Combatives Firearms Academy Launches Aimpoint PRO for Academy clients.

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Spartacus Combatives Firearms Academy Launches Aimpoint PRO for Academy clients.


Spartacus Combatives Firearms Academy is pleased to offer the recently released Aimpoint PRO to our Academy clients. Peter Haug is quoted as saying, “Aimpoint has done an amazing job in the development the PRO, maintaining the highest quality and reliability of the COMP and T1 line with a reduction in cost to meet competitive market pricing for our Law Enforcement, Military and Security clients. ” For more information on the PRO or for pricing, please CONTACT US and feel free to visit